Saudi Arabia G20 Presidency Webinar Series 2020

Saudi Arabia G20 Presidency
Webinar Series 2020

Role of Digital Technology in Limiting Impact on Global Labour Market

Organised by:

Date of Event:

5th November 2020 (Thursday)

Time of Event:

3pm to 4.30pm SGT

Topics include:

  • Singapore experience in using Digital Technology for increased Productivity in a tight labour market.
  • Outline of Employment Working Group, priorities and outcomes.
  • Singapore experience in the manufacturing sector and role of digital technology.
  • Opportunity Creation through Investment.
  • PSA’s Global Experience in Singapore and Saudi Arabia.

Supported by:

G20 Saudi Secretariat

With the cooperation of:


Speakers from Saudi Arabia and Singapore Ministerial,
Government and Industry

Head of Mission

Guest Speaker


Guest Speakers

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