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A Singapore Sharing to be held at EEXPO.SG
A Hybrid video conference…

Date of Event:

1st March 2021 (Monday)
3pm to 6.30pm SGT

Organised by:

Session 1

(1500 to 1630 hrs SGT)
Gender Parity and Best Practices:
Leading countries’ best
practices and sharing

Session 2

(1630 to 1730 hrs SGT)
Women in Leadership:
Perspectives from heads of
missions who share their

Session 3

(1730 to 1830 hrs SGT)
Gender Parity and Businesses:
Sensitive policy making in
breaking the glass ceiling,
CSR policies and practices
by governments and

Cost: S$50 per person*

*60% of proceeds donated to AWARE

for WIG Perspectives

In 2021, the Singapore Government is conducting the Gender Equality Review that addresses a host of women’s issues to effect a societal mindset change. There is also much that can be learnt from policies that are already in practice in countries all over the world. Singapore corporations have also instituted progressive employment policies – in many places all the world – that can be shared here. Diplomats and corporate leaders will share best practices.

While COVID has imposed many challenges and exposed many vulnerabilities, according to media reports women have been especially hard hit globally. It is imperative that we take stock and take steps towards a gender balanced society to better handle future catastrophes.

WIGP has been initiated at an opportune time when women empowerment issues have been championed by the G20’s countries last year but yet again there is still a lot of ground to cover. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap report it will take another 108 years to reach gender parity!

In 2019 there were only six (mainly European) countries that give women equal work rights as men according to the World Bank’s Women, Business and the Law report that measures gender discrimination in 187 countries. A typical economy gives women only three-quarters the rights of men. So we deliberate on 1st March on the ways to march forward.

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